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    India, with a population of 989 million, is he world’s second most populous country. Of that number, 120 million are women who live in poverty.  


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URJA FOUNDATION as the name implies is a non-government, non-political voluntary organization formed to enlighten the inner creative energy within an individual. It runs on the ideology of education as a treasure and the need for opportunity to be provided to the have-nots for education.

It is a centre for experiments in the development of human consciousness for growth of self-confidence and self-strength among the rural children with special emphasis on dropouts. Its root is to be sought in the pursuit of answers about future and need for a new global village.

Being highly influenced by NAI TALIM propounded by Mahatma Gandhi along with rural reconstruction works, the organization has clear goals to build up harmonious and conscious community without any barriers of caste, class or religion in a small rural area.


The goals of the organization are:
- Community Living.
- Value Based Growth


In order to achieve the above goal following strategies have been adopted:

  1. Education: Mainstreaming school drop outs along with orientation to students, striving to excel and make a dent, about the lesser known opportunities existing for the students.

  2. Micro Credit: Skill Training and production related support to women members.

  3. Associated Linkages: Linkages to primary health centre for child and mother [Sanitation, Nutrition, Clinic Service], Mass education through public rural library, orientation and sensitization about the external environment to children – Crucial for success

The organization was registered in the year 2004 [Registration Number: E / 7460]


Inhabitants of the project area in Kotda Sangani Taluka of Rajkot District come from Agrarian Background. It has a heterogeneous settlement. The land ownership is skewed and most of the people are agricultural wage labourer, marginal and small farmers. Lieracy level is very low. There is no high school in around 5 km periphery, no peroper health care facility and above all no proper shape of future for the youths.

Construction of Roof Rain Water Harvesting Structures:

After constant encouragement, sensitization, group meetings and awareness campaign 9 households at Juna Rajpipla, One School [Primary] at the same location, 10 households at vadipara and 5 households at Karmal Pipalia all situated in a cluster, have constructed the Roof Rain Water Cisterns in their houses. Hence a total of 25 cisterns have been constructed so far,

Mobilization of Women Group

Similar to the plight of women in a patriarchal society the women here too are no different. Formation of women’s group with initial thrust on inculcation of thrift and savings has been initiated in two villages viz; Nava Rajpipla and Vadipara. The first year devoted for group has helped women members to learn financial discipline. The women members are also involved in agriculture related activity either on their own farms or as wage labourers.


A new initiative of the centre to provide training to the young girls in the area of sewing with the help of a master trainer – Ms. Shilpa has yielded results to provide the needed skills. The young girls those who participated in the training are now in a position to sew clothes for their own household needs and also to take care of the small needs of the villagers. As of now 8 girls have completed their training from the centre. Thus the centre has earned the self-recognizing reputation of providing direction to the young girls in terms of the independent work which they may be able to perform and thus ease out dependency of being the earner from just agriculture laborers. The expectation to start a micro credit linked activity will be explored in the coming months so that more such girls join the program and also higher skills are being imparted. Sewing machines will be provided through the grants from the organization with their due contributions to provide further moral boost to the youngsters. 


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